Los Angeles Luxury Brand Activation Calligrapher and Engraver 

Dani is a Los Angeles, California calligrapher and engraver who specializes in brand activation and experiential marketing events. Her expertise in calligraphy, hand lettering, engraving, bottle painting, and hot-foiling leather provide new and innovative activation ideas to impress your best clients. Dani is available to help you take your brand activation events to the next level! Whether for brand awareness, luxury boutiques, or corporate gatherings, she can create a brand activation experience that is revolutionary and will keep your clients coming back for more. 

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 Experiential Marketing  Brand Activations  Sentimental Gifts

Beautifully crafted heirlooms that last a lifetime

We use only the highest quality archival papers and inks to ensure durability and lifetime beauty. Hand etched glass brings one of a kind and sentimental value to any project you have in mind. Let us help you create that unique and special gift. 

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